Monday, 3 February 2014

Chiropractors also offer headache treatment penang

There is hardly any secret that many people suffer from Chronic Headache and migraine till they are introduced to chiropractic care. The definition of migraine goes like this –it is much like an incapacitating condition which includes a throbbing headache that lasts from several hours to several days. According to the records of WHO - 10% of the world's adult population suffers from migraine headaches. In the US alone more than 3 million people suffer from chronic migraines! Of course there are pain medications however they are not without their harmful side effects. So if you are serious about getting rid of headache and pain in the most natural way then it’s high time that you consider headache treatment in Penang this time. 

An scary fact from the Greenwich Connecticut Hospital stroke program reveals that Migraine headaches increase the risk for stroke in females by 25 to 50%. The study also indicates that increased stroke risk might be linked to vascular spasms that occur during a migraine. Best chiropractor in Penang knows and values the fact that relief from migraine from traditional sources is of no help.  People hardly know that the main cause of their headaches is a misalignment or improper movement of the upper bones of the spine.

These are known as the vertebrae and the top of the spine is called the cervical area. The nerves that exit openings between the upper cervical vertebrae have an enormous influence on the regulation of the muscles that surrounds the cranial blood vessels. Once these muscles act improperly excessive spasm or dilation of the blood vessels occur which causes a migraine headache. Chiropractic in Penang treatment thus aims in locating and correcting improper movement and misalignments of the upper cervical vertebrae. 

Yes, the chiropractors are trained to diagnose this. The licensed doctors thus check to see if the movement is normal. Often times the x-rays of the upper spine are also taken in order to check the area for improper alignment and movement. If in case the bone specialist penang determines a problem in the upper part they are the licensed authorities in administering chiropractic treatments. 

There is hardly any denying that Chiropractic adjustments and manipulations are nowadays considered as the safest interventions possible for those suffering from back pain, neck pain and also suffering from sheer migraine headaches. Medical studies have clearly unveiled that treatments offered by the chiropractor in penang  stands as rather safe and of course more effective than taking medications for this problem.

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