Tuesday, 8 April 2014

The man who went for neck pain treatment Penang

We have written this article for a purpose and it is all about going deep into the benefits and treatments of Chiropractic in penang, as an effective cure for chronic back pain, neck pain, head ache and even more.
I was suffering from chronic neck and back pain. In fact the pain used to be so severe that I had to pop up all those pain medications. Enough is enough – yes that was what I told to myself one fine morning. Instead of swallowing all those pills which were doing more harm than any good I finally decided to take everything into my hand. I wanted to fix the root cause to get relief from my daily pain.

The very idea which came into my mind was to go and see a Chiropractor in penang. The good news is where I stay there are a number of qualified chiropractors dotted around however I did a bit of research on them and found out the Spine specialist penang  with immense positive reviews. 

The decision was made and then with just a quick phone call I was called for an initial consultation. However I had my X rays done and was waiting to hear the bad news. To my horror I learnt that I do not have any back problem. The real problem was even further deep rooted because my neck has been pushed forward. The chiropractor told me that being a tall guy my neck has endured the tremendous force of my head pulling forward and down for many years. The Neck pain treatment penang and I learnt that traction was my best bet. 

The Chiropractor clearly told me that they can do the traction and manipulation and also guided me that all I require to do is to make at least five months regular visits and follow ups.

No, I won’t cut it short rather I will give you the detail account of the chiropractic manipulation in Penang. Lying on the chiropractor table all I could remember is that I was lying face up on his table and he is slowly manipulating my bowling ball of a head. My neck actually did feel nice and loose and the manipulation itself didn't hurt. Next up was the traction. And this routine however followed for long five months. After the prescribed time, the experts asked to get other set of X rays so that he can check my progresses.

Guess what even I was zapped when I looked at the before and after pictures side by side I was amazed to see a much healthier looking curve in my neck bones.

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