Monday, 4 August 2014

Here is the back and neck pain treatment Penang

The chiropractic in Penang adjustment, which is typically the manual or the spinal manipulation, is basically a common therapeutic treatment for lower back pain. The chiropractic adjustment refers to the chiropractor in Penang applying manipulation to the vertebrae that have abnormal movement patterns or fail to function normally.

The objective of the chiropractic treatment is to reduce the subluxations. The goal is however to increase the range of motion, reducing nerve irritability and improving function. The chiropractic adjustments offered by the spinespecialist Penang typically involves: A high velocity, short lever arm thrust applied to a vertebra. This causes the release of oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide, which releases joint pressure.

It should be known that joint cavitation or cracking does not occur as a result of significant muscle splinting during the chiropractic manipulation. At times like this, it is sometimes best for the chiropractor to apply ice, have the patient rest, or do electrical stimulation and massage prior attempting the chiropractic adjustment. The backpain treatment in Penang thus involves High-Velocity Low-Amplitude and the Chiropractic Adjustment Techniques.

Of course; there are many different manipulative techniques that can be utilized in chiropractic, however there is a certain skill level and "art" involved with high velocity, low amplitude adjustment or manipulation. It is perhaps more important for the chiropractor in Penang to determine when not to apply the adjustment.

Some physiological therapeutic measures that are often utilized in the back and neckpain treatment Penang include:

Heat and cold therapy– the spine specialists may alternate between heat and ice therapy to help patients treat back pain. Ice packs are used to numb the back for a 10 to 15 minute period and then switched with a heating pad to restore blood flow to the area. This also promotes faster healing.

Exercise – the chiropractor in Penang may provide patients with instructions for an exercise program focusing on stretching and strengthening the back. 

Massage - The spine specialist in Penang may massage the soft tissues to improve circulation, reduce swelling and inflammation associated with the back pain.

Dietary management – the chiropractic in Penang treatment also provide patients with tips on how an improved diet may help with their back pain, neck and even head ache

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